IKARI with a group by the National Pest Management, Control Techniques examination disinfection disinfestation technical expertise who, by virtue of its skilled work experience and customer-oriented service concept for all customer service, the following performance for many services, for more details, please click on [ IKARI disinfection services experience]
Company Building
Taiwan Power Company、Hsing Wu Building、TOP SURGICAL TAIWAN CORP. 、Cloud State Building、Dong Huang Construction Ltd.、CAC Shinjo plant、Taiwan Television Enterprise, Ltd.、Wei Sheng Construction Co., Ltd.、Taipei Fubon Financial Center and the buildings belongs、Runtai financial center、Fubon apartment buildings (total 17)、Jin engineering work、Metropolitan Building、Economic dynasty…
Department store
Far Eastern Department Stores、Hola Neihu store、Darunfa Jhonglun store、Durban store、Matilda Stores、Wellcome outlets、Power Center、Wellcome and logistics center in、Wellcome Dayuan logistics center、Hola Scholastic Store、Darunfa Nanhu
Cultural Property
Fort San Domingo, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei Baoan Temple, 228 Memorial Hall, Zhongshan Hall, the Constitutional Court of the Judicial Yuan, Normal University High School - Red, etc.

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